We’re calling out large, chain gym companies!

See for yourself why we’re different and marvel at our success stories below!

*Disclaimer* We’re not bashing gyms or gym-goers at all. A gym, used correctly, is a fantastic way to keep healthy and active, make friends, build a hobby and let off some steam.

We’re calling out those multi-chain gyms that have 5000 members in a 300 person capacity gym. They are depending on your money and they’re depending on you not showing up. We think that’s wrong.

So what exactly is going on?

The average gym membership in the UK is £60 per month – the average number of times a person visits that gym they’re contracted to is less than 1-2 times per month (over a 12 month period).

Now let’s use an analogy –the average price of  a pay monthly phone contract is a little shy of £37 per month.  If you only used your phone 1 – 2 hours a month, or sometimes not at all, how quickly would you cancel your contract and switch to Pay As You Go? Immediately, right?

So why are so many of us holding on to and forking out for gym memberships that we rarely, if ever, use?

We’ve developed a little theory at Aurora that’s based on established psychological behaviour; identity goals. In short, identity goals are goals that influence our concept of who we are. For example, I say to my friend over coffee “I’ve just joined this great new gym, I can’t wait to workout and get fit!” Just by saying that to my friend, I subconsciously know that they have already started thinking of me as someone who attends the gym, who is healthy and who meets goals. I’ve achieved a part of my identity goal just by talking about my intention – without even setting foot in the gym! When we commit to an identity goal by speaking about it or committing money or energy on it – the intention can actually backfire.
We think this behaviour is far more pronounced these days due to peer pressure, social pressure to act and look the way our influencers do. Particularly with the rise in Facebook and Instagram in particular, we can post images and ‘tag ourselves in’ to places – we’re being seen there, often without real effort or intention to complete the task we’ve set out to do.

That’s why it’s so hard to let go of your gym membership even though it’s eating your money every month, for so little return. If you cancel your gym membership it can feel like you’re no longer the healthy, gym-goer that you said to yourself and your friends that you were.

Large corporation gyms know this type of behaviour, in fact, the depend upon it and feed upon it – it’s why they’ll often ‘waive’ a joining fee just after Christmas but make you sign a contract for 12 months –  they’re counting on post-indulgence guilt and they’re counting on this identity goal behaviour for you to repeat the cycle next year too.

Again, we feel it’s important to say if you’re a regular gym-goer and you feel like you’re getting value for money, your gym is safe, clean and cares about you then that’s awesome! Keep up the good work!

But if not – find a place that does give you value for money, that you do use, that doesn’t make you feel like a failure if you decide to take a break or move on to try something different. Or set one up! A local running club or outdoor work out group is a great way to get healthy and engage with your community.

That’s what we’ve created here at Aurora Studios. To bring different communities together and make being fit fun, affordable and accessible. In fact, we started out with the intention to never have memberships but our regular customers asked for them to make their visits even easier. Our memberships are capped, don’t have a contract, there’s no sign-up fee or cancellation fee. You can’t say fairer than that. It’s also why we’ll always offer the option to pay as you go.

Our classes are instructor lead – qualified, experienced and trained individuals with a real passion for what they do. Check them out here.

That means there’s no queues for equipment and the time you spend here is time well-spent, no mooching or slacking, although everyone takes things at their own pace. Our classes are open-level which means beginners take classes with experts, those who are just starting their healthy lifestyle journey are getting tips from people who have years of experience. We love when we see our regulars take newbies under their wings, help them with routines or questions. Gyms can also be quite intimidating places, music blaring and crazy equipment everywhere can make you feel inadequate and lonely. Well, we’re all about shaking what you got – so you need never feel self-conscious or worry about getting everything right, that’s why we’re here – to help you learn, to make sure each visit is fun.

The most important thing is that you find what’s right for you – we hope you find something here that is right for you. If not, just ask – we’re really flexible.
So if you’ve had a little chat with yourself after reading this post and you know you won’t be hitting that gym any time soon – cancel your membership right now! Spend the money on something that will make you smile, give you a positive return and really be that healthier, happier person you were talking about.

See you soon,

Team Aurora xx


Kathie – Member of the Month
Age: 36
Occupation: Dog Groomer
Fitness Goals: To get fit & healthy and in shape.

Dropping no-less than two stone and three dress sizes Kathie is an inspiration to many of our customers – proving you can do it all have fun, work hard, look and feel amazing and even eat cake!

Kathie joined us in December where she started with one class a week; Beginners Commercial Dance which, at the time, she found physically challenging. She now attends these classes for the mental work-out of learning the routines and enjoys the social aspects!

Kathie has continuously built up her repertoire of classes and she is here for at least five classes a week now!“I love it here. It’s brilliant. It’s become like a family. Erin & Roisin have become good friends. It’s a great place for when you’re stressed out, you can dance all your stress away.”

“It’s helped me with my health and fitness and helped with my mental health. I sleep better at night and I feel more confident and I feel good about myself. I feel happy. This is the best space I’ve been in mentally in two years. It’s given me a routine, to go somewhere with a class where I know I’ll work hard for the time that I’m there – and the time flies by when you’re in!”